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Our vintage-style *real* photobooths are the highest quality and most authentic digital photobooths available. They provide a unique, memorable and high-value option for weddings and all types of events.

Because this is an actual enclosed photobooth, your guests have total freedom to create their own amazing and candid instant photos, without the influence or intimidation of a photographer or a hands-on attendant — as it shoud be!

Our photobooths are fully automatic and simple to use: 1) touch the "Start" button on the touch screen, 2) choose black & white or color, 3) pose six times following the audio countdown, 4) photo drops into the slot in just 10 seconds!

The photobooth is the biggest hit at all types of events! Why?

  • Authentic, enclosed photobooths are time-tested and have universal appeal (all ages, audiences and backgrounds). They've been around since the 1920s!
  • The iconic strip-style photos are timeless and much-loved by generations.
  • Guests are always amazed by the uniqueness of the "free photobooth" idea at an event, and they love the classy vintage style!
  • Guests get actual printed photos in seconds to take home, and they can come back as often as they like.
  • Guests always prefer favors that are personalized, meaningful, memorable, and long-lasting — that they can create themselves!
  • Our instant photos are high quality, sharp, and never blurry — unlike the shopping mall "Foto Fun Strips" you may remember.
  • Any photo can be reprinted, enlarged, or shared on social media shortly afterwards.
  • Guests can create the most amazing guest book at your event by placing any poses they choose, along with any written creativity, in a premium quality scrapbook (we also provide the materials).

You can take home all of the high-resolution photobooth photos from your event on our gift-boxed 4GB flash drives! Just twist it open, pop it into your computer or TV, and enjoy your photos in striking digital format! Make unlimited reprints and enlargements at home or at a photo lab/store. Heck, share your favorites with friends and family on the notorious social media!

flash drives

Photobooth features:

  • Fully automatic user experience
  • Amazing quality photos delivered in just 10 seconds
  • Six-pose prints with personalized center section
  • Classic styling on the outside, digital technology on the inside
  • Voice countdown and on-screen instructions
  • Black & white or color option for each session
  • Exclusive patented flash system (photos are always sharp & clear)
  • 100% chemical-free and ink-free

Standard rental package includes:

  • Delivery, installation & removal of one photobooth
  • Four hours of free & unlimited usage/photos
  • Photos personalized/branded for the event
  • On-site support to ensure smooth operation

Travel/delivery fee may apply depending on location.

As with most unique services, pricing is somewhat dependent on factors such as date, availability, location, hours of the event, etc. Please contact us for a quote or if you have any questions.

Options include:

  • Photobooth scrapbook/guestbook w/materials & attendant
  • Gift-boxed USB flash drive (4GB) of all high-resolution digital photos
  • Photos posted in your own online gallery immediately afterwards for reprints, downloads and easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and email
  • Duplicate set of printed photos
  • Antique trunk of creative props
  • Extra time

Discounted rates available for:

  • Non-Saturdays
  • Weekdays and off-peak dates
  • Schools, non-profits and civic organizations
  • Full-day, multi-day & weekly rentals
  • Events with multiple photobooths

Photobooth stats:

  • Length = 4’9”, Width = 2’10", Weight = 770 lbs

Power requirements:

  • One standard 115 volt power outlet, preferably on a circuit not shared with other devices. Photobooth draws 15 amps.