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Q: Do you actually bring these photobooths to events?
A: Yes, full-time, and all 770 lbs worth! After several years, we've pretty much become professional movers and installers of photobooths, delivering them safely and reliably to all types of venues and events. No "chintzy" mobile photobooths are needed here!

Q: How many photobooths do you have?
A: We own fifteen photobooths. This includes a fleet of ten vintage-style digital photobooths that we utilize for event rentals. We also have a rare collection of five vintage chemical/analog photobooths that are in the process of being restored. We have one from each decade from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Q: Does the photobooth print out photos on the spot like the ones at the mall?
A: Yes, but the photos are much higher quality and our photobooths are not cheesy looking!

Q: Do people have to pay for the photobooth, and is there a photo limit?
A: No. It's a flat-fee rental so the photobooth is free and unlimited for all guests at the event.

Q: How does the photobooth work?
A: It's simple. Guests simply go in the photobooth and touch the red Start button on the touch-screen, choose B&W or Color, and pose six times following the audio countdown. The photo drops into the slot outside just 10 seconds later. Instant gratification!

Q: Will the photos fade or discolor afterwards like mall photobooths or some instant photo novelties?
A: No! The photos are always sharp and will not fade or discolor. They'll last a lifetime. They're also totally dry when they print (no wet ink or chemicals). They're even water resistant and won't even show a fingerprint.

Q: What is the standard number of hours for renting the photobooth?
A: The typical event time is 4 hours. However, it often goes pretty continuously for 4-6 hours starting with the cocktail hour. We're pretty generous — it hardly ever ends on time :)

Q: What if I want more than one copy of the same photo? Can I get copies of all the photos from my event?
A: One of the most popular options is having all of the digital photos saved on a disc. This includes all the individual poses as well as the formatted six-pose prints. We can also upload the photos to your own photo gallery so guests can order reprints, download their digital or even share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and email!

Q: Do you just drop off the photobooth at the event?
A: Not usually. Unless you prefer otherwise, we always have someone on-site to make sure the photobooth runs smoothly for your entire special event.

Q: What is the photobooth scrapbook/guest book option and how does it work?
A: This is a popular option, and a great companion to the photobooth, especially at weddings. People much prefer this over the traditional "sign in" guestbook! Your guests can write their well wishes, snappy captions, random thoughts and any other creativity along with whatever poses or photo strips they choose to include. We don't just ask everyone to place a duplicate strip in the book — that's boring — and this ensures only the best poses make it into the book. The scrapbook is a great place for your guests to express themselves at the event, and it will be a cherished and entertaining keepsake for many years to come.

We provide a high quality scrapbook (black cover, black pages) along with all the materials to put this together. This is set up on a small table next to the photobooth. An attendant would also be there to minimally assist guests with filling up the pages. It tends to be a little less messy with a little help, especially if guests are a little drunk :)

Q: How does the photobooth provide favors for guests?
A: There's a center space between the two strips of photos that we can personalize for your event. This is optional and it's done at no extra charge. We don't just ype in your name and date and call it a day. We typically design this space individually for every event. It can include the event name, logos or monogram, date, landmark location, a message, etc. We can also design a graphic embellishment that suits the event theme, style or color scheme.

Q: What are the dimensions of the photobooth?
A: Length = 4’9”, Width = 2’5", Height = 6’2”, Weight = 770-lbs

Q: What if the event is on the third floor of a building or if there's stairs?
A: Our photobooths fit in elevators. We also know how to get photobooths safely into almost any venue or location. If it's a place we haven't been to before, we'll check it all out well ahead of time at no additional cost.

Q: What about power? Is any special kind of electrical hookup necessary?
A: No. A standard 120v electrical outlet is all that's needed, preferably within 50 feet. It's also best if it has it's own circuit so it's not shared with other power-hungry devices.

Q: What size are the photos printed by the photobooth?
A: The prints measure 4"x6", with a strip of three poses down each side (6 poses per print). This is also a standard frame size! Each individual pose is 1.5"x2"and vertically oriented, just like photobooths have been for generations. This is pretty rare for a digital photobooth!

Q: Can you accommodate outdoor events?
A: Yes, we do outdoor and tented events all the time. As long as there's proximity to an electrical outlet and smooth access for transporting the photobooth into place there shouldn't be a problem.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure we and our guests get as many pictures as possible?
A: Yes. We recommend that you promote the photobooth within the event to make sure that everyone knows that it's free and available for the duration. Many of our clients have come up with creative ways to do this, but it can be as easy as asking the DJ or MC at your event to make an announcement. You can also leave notes at each place setting instructing your guests to visit the photobooth. If you are planning on using the photobooth photos as your party favor, and have purchased frames or bookmark sleeves, you can leave these at each place setting with an invitation to visit the photobooth.

Q: How far can you travel around the region?
A: Our typical coverage areas are Upstate New York, Vermont and Western Massachusetts, espcially during the peak event months of May-October. If we're out of your area, we'd be happy to try to refer you to someone closer.

Q: What is needed to book the photobooth?
A: A $500 deposit and a signed contract. The balance payment is due a week before the event date.

Other Questions?
If you have a question that is not answered on this page (is that possible?), please send contact us.